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Employee Benefits

Providing a benefits, retirement and savings plan for your employees will increase their loyalty to your business. It can also help reduce employee absenteeism, create a positive work environment, maintain productivity, save on health care costs for you and your employees, and increase employee morale.

The benefits you can provide to employees can be custom tailored to meet specific needs and budget. Here are some of the coverage that can be included in the plan.

    •    Health coverage 
      • Coverage for paramedical practitioners, from athletic therapists to psychologists;
      • Convalescent home services;
      • Ambulance services;
      • Private duty nursing care;
      • The appliances and supplies employees need to recover from accidents or illnesses;
      • Prescription drug coverage (including pay direct services);
      • Coverage for hospital stays and associated expenses;
      • Vision care services;
      • Dental accident;
      • Coverage for expenses incurred while an employee is outside of their province of residence;
      • Travel assist (Out of country emergency coverage);
      • Other medical expenses not covered under provincial health care plans; and
      • Survivor benefits.
    • Dental
      • Diagnostic services;
      • Preventive services;
      • Restorative services;
      • Major dental surgical coverage;
      • Periodontal services;
      • Endodontic services;
      • Denture repairs; and
      • Adult and child orthodontic service options.
    • Retirement & Saving Plan
      • Registered Retirement Savings;
      • Tax-Free Savings Account;
      • Non-registered Savings Plan;
      • and Registered Pension Plan.


When you offer employees the chance to save money and build their own retirement account, not only are you offering benefits that match their financial needs and life goals, but you’re giving them peace of mind by giving them a way to plan for their future.